Clay Body

Now that you are registered for Ashfest, it’s time to start making work for the kiln.  While any high fire clay body in the cone 10-13 range can work, there are a few select commercial clay bodies that do exceptionally well with the wood we use, and the techniques we use to fire the large anagama at Ashfest.  This page will give you a few options in regards to clay bodies you can purchase “ready to use” depending on where you live, and what you prefer.

We will have a few different thin slips you can apply to bisque when you arrive, and liner glazes for cups, mugs, and other closed forms.  Please do not apply any slip or glaze to your work prior to arriving at Ashfest, we will help you make the best selection for your work.  You need to arrive with all of your work in a “bisque” state, we do not fire greenware in the anagama.

The short list of recommended clay body’s are; Laguna B-Mix, B-Mix Woodfire, Miller 900, 901, Loafers Glory, #437 Jack Troy Porcelain, Continental Clay Woodfire Porcelain, Domestic Porcelain, Tableware, and B-Clay.  I can’t recommend enough that you select one or several of the above clay bodies to make your work for Ashfest.  If you have any questions at all, please email Justin, Logan, or Dan.  We are happy to help you make a decision about what clay to use.


Logan likes to use Laguna B-Mix, and B-Mix Woodfire.  He adds either a laterite slip, or flashing slip on some pieces.




May got some really nice results using Continental Clay Woodfire Porcelain.






Justin blends several commercial bodies together at different ratios depending on where his work is placed, and the desired effect.  He mainly uses Continental Clay Woodfire Porcelain, B-Clay, Tableware, and Custom Blend.  Laguna Miller 900 is also a good stoneware for the very front of the kiln, or 901 if you are hand building/throwing large pots.  The inside of bowls receive a thin layer of flashing slip applied to bisque.






John McCoy had some stunners using Continental Clay B-Clay, and Laguna Miller 900.  He also blended the two together for a nice “middle ground” clay.