Studio Tours

Visiting other artists studios is an absolute must in North Carolina!  The rich pottery tradition is thriving, and there are many amazing artists living and working full time.  We will organize several visits with potters, but I do suggest you plan some time to schedule a “day trip” in case you want to visit someone we might miss.

This year Dan drove us around in his passenger van for 2 days, and everyone was “wowed” by what we saw.  We started tour day 1 with a trip to Mark Hewitt’s home/studio in Pittsboro (about 1 hour from Dan’s in Bailey).  Day 2 began at Bulldog Pottery, Samantha Henneke and Bruce Gholson are both amazing potters working in Seagrove.

Below are a few pics that summarize some of the artists who welcomed us to their homes.  Check the “blog” for write-ups on each studio we visited written by Ashfest attendees.

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