“Patrick’s Profoundness”July 7, 2014July 7, 2014Justin

Patrick Rademaker joined us for Ashfest as our “Official Supervisor of All Things Necessary in the Extremely Laborious Task of Woodfiring”.  I’ve known Patrick for several years, and he is always upbeat, energetic, funny, and an all around nice fella.  At NCECA I asked Patrick if he would like to come to Ashfest as my assistant.  Patrick was an asset to the firing, and we look forward to having Patrick back again next year as our “go to guy” for just about anything.  He sent over this summary of his experiences at Ashfest.



What started as a joke soon became more sincere, and before I knew it, Logan and I hopped into “ole blue” (Dan’s North Carolina blue farm truck) and made our way towards The River Golf Club.  The course was incredibly well priced: for 25 dollars each we were able to rent carts, clubs, and balls.  Heck, they even let us bring our own beer!  Neither of us took the outings too seriously… in fact I think we lost more golf balls than we made putts.  Even if the links are not as picturesque as nearby Pinehurst, it is safe to say this is some of the best money I spent throughout the trip.  Also worth mentioning is the restaurant of deep fried delights literally located on the front of Dan Finch’s property. It may be dangerous to openly admit this, but my love for eating at “Chubbys Pizzaria” may come close to my love for firing wood kilns.

In addition:

It is impossible to describe how great of a time I had down in Bailey, NC, for Ashfest 2014.  I could go on forever about how much fun I had playing golf, cooking out, fishing, and just spending time with a wonderful group of people. I guess you could even say I had a bit of fun firing the “mamagama” as well. I’m already looking forward to making more life long memories next year, and I sure hope to see you all out there!