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Dates:  May 28 – June 10, 2017

Event:  Dan Finch “Mama” Anagama  Bailey, NC  2 week firing workshop of Dan’s 700 cu/ft Anagama, 2 days of Studio Tours

Artists:  Dan Finch, Justin Lambert, Logan Wannamaker

Cost:  $600/person  10 cu/ft of space maximum (Participants are required to bring UNGLAZED BISQUE work, no greenware will be loaded into the kiln.  Slip and glaze will be provided.)

Lodging:  FREE covered camping onsite, guest house private rooms, contact us for details.

The 4th Annual Ashfest Event will take place May 28 – June 10, 2017 in Bailey, North Carolina at the studio of Dan Finch.  Justin Lambert of Jupiter, FL and Logan Wannamaker of Taos, NM will join Dan for a 2 week anagama firing workshop in Dan’s “Mama” Anagama.  The anagama is approx 700 cu ft., and will be fired for 6 days.  We will load the kiln for 3 days, fire for 6 days, then Dan, Justin, and Logan organize studio tours, and finally unload the kiln Saturday, June 10.  There is space for 25 participants in the firing, at a cost of $600/person.  This fee entitles each person up to 10 cu/ft of space in the anagama, and entry to all events associated with the 2 week workshop.  FREE covered camping onsite is available with full shower/restroom facilities, as are private rooms in the guesthouse (contact us for details).

Dan Interior View


Mixed Hardwoods Drying for the firing


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